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July 20 2011

Steel Wool Photography: Video How To

Digital Photography School

The guys at Photo Extremist have put together this cool video that shows you how to create stunning fiery images using nothing more than steel wool, an egg whisk and a cable.

Also check out the Trick Photography eBook mentioned in this video that is packed with all kinds of special effects photography. It covers Long exposure effects, light painting, HDR photography, gives some fun photoshop...

July 19 2011

Five Best Ebook Stores http://pqne.ws/pXw0IM

July 15 2011

Bordallo Pinheiro lança Zé Povinho que faz “manguito” à Moody’s - Economia - PUBLICO.PT


Shared by zarroba
É desatar tudo a comprar e a mandar para a Moodys e salva-se uma empresa histórica nacional em dificuldades.. para além de poder aumentar as exportações para Irlanda, Grécia, Espanha e Itália.. acho que a mensagem é universal..

July 06 2011

June 28 2011

What do you love?


Get more of what you love by searching across numerous Google products with one click.

Basics of Photography: The Complete Guide


We spent the last week learning all about the basics of photography, from the way your camera works to composing your photos to editing them in post. Here's the complete guide, along with a PDF of all the lessons and some additional resources fo learning more.

June 27 2011

June 24 2011

my two interviews with @jamesgleick for TCTV http://tcrn.ch/iCW5j4 http://tcrn.ch/lNWUZb talking about The Information.

June 17 2011

June 13 2011

The great EU debt write off - Home


Shared by zarroba
Parece tão fácil...

June 10 2011

if I can convince you to spend 43 minutes doing something, spend them watching the video I like to here: http://t.co/c3th8ye #stress

June 08 2011

Stack Exchange podcast 7, featuring Waffles and our newest open source contribution! blog.stackoverflow.com/...

June 07 2011

Google Begins Tracking & Will Rank Individual Content Creators http://zite.to/lyf9q8 via @Ziteapp

June 06 2011

5 LinkedIn Tips You Didn't Know http://pqne.ws/jK5YXn
VentureVille http://fb.me/12Qhk1vez

May 25 2011

Como mudar Portugal?


Todos reclamamos da situação económico-financeira vivida em Portugal. Ora culpamos os políticos, ora culpamos os bancos, ora culpamos o vizinho. A verdade é que raramente nos culpamos a nós próprios. Raramente pensamos que nos últimos 20 anos gastamos o que tínhamos e o que não tínhamos, que nos últimos 10 anos endividamo-nos como nunca e que sempre achamos que não teríamos que pagar pelos...

May 24 2011

"A abertura desta loja poderia ser uma boa notícia (...) Mas, não é." | Nova loja de eBooks em Portugal te-xis-te.posterous.com/...

May 22 2011


jaytee2212's YouTube Activity

I uploaded a YouTube video:

May 21 2011

So... now that we're all still here: What's your post-apocalyptic business plan? www.fastcompany.com/...

May 10 2011

José Afonso - Canto Moço

Actividade no YouTube de jaytee2212

Gostei de um vídeo do YouTube: José Afonso - Canto Moço Somos filhos da madrugada Pelas praias do mar nos vamos À procura de quem nos traga Verde oliva de flor no ramo Navegamos de vaga em vaga Não soubemos de dor nem mágoa Pelas praias do mar nos vamos À procu...
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