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April 21 2017



Date: Apr 21, 2017
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October 16 2016



Date: Oct 16, 2016
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October 12 2016



Date: Oct 12, 2016
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April 14 2012

JavaScript playground: tips, tricks, tutorials and screencasts to help you improve your JavaScript - http://t.co/rBJwJlkC #js

February 28 2012

Check out my new Geeklist name! http://t.co/YetxxUpj. You should get yours here: http://t.co/SWQbPwZU #gklstbeta

January 31 2012

RT @alisterscott: Introducing the software testing ice-cream cone http://t.co/TBkBy9WD

October 22 2011

Ha! RT @nmillions: Game-play is butt-on-couch. So why do gaming companies throw such big-ass events? #blizzcon: http://t.co/UZiGVv8g

Levitação Quântica

Aberto até de Madrugada

Já todos terão brincando (e ficado maravilhados) com o magnetismo e as suas propriedades quase mágicas. Quem é que não terá tentado equilibrar um íman sobre outro, na tentativa de o fazer levitar?...

Mas, lamento dizer-vos que o vos vou mostrar a seguir vai muito para além dessas experiências caseiras, e dá uso aos materias supercondutores para fazer coisas que tradicionalmente consideraríamos i...

October 14 2011

October 08 2011

Free tools I used at #starwest during ET play-by-play w/ James -- Rapid Reporter (http://t.co/yr2Bk3q2) and EE4 (http://t.co/inqP9CfO)

September 04 2011

Microsoft is like someone who can solve Rubic's Cube but only knows how to get one side all one color at any one time http://t.co/nuNCARm
Why are two of Brazil's top startups moving to the US? http://t.co/IsuI4vX by @abracarioca on @TNWlatinamerica

August 31 2011

August 30 2011

Mari0 – Invisible Theory


Shared by zarroba

August 17 2011

paraisos-fiscais.mpg - SIC Notícias


As transferências de Portugal para os paraísos fiscais atingiram 1,3 mil milhões de euros nos primeiros cinco meses do ano. Uma subida de 700 por cento em relação a 2010.

August 16 2011

Two Minutes Of Glorious Battlefield 3 Game Footage



Battlefield 3 just got a bit more real. Jets! Robots! 64-player multiplayer! I can’t wait. John Biggs on the other hand is an old man. As seen in the TechCrunch staff chatroom,

John B.
i stick by what i said at e3
if we put as much effort into curing anal cancer as we do into Battlefield 3 we’d be a better species

July 21 2011

July 20 2011

Steel Wool Photography: Video How To

Digital Photography School

The guys at Photo Extremist have put together this cool video that shows you how to create stunning fiery images using nothing more than steel wool, an egg whisk and a cable.

Also check out the Trick Photography eBook mentioned in this video that is packed with all kinds of special effects photography. It covers Long exposure effects, light painting, HDR photography, gives some fun photoshop...

July 19 2011

Five Best Ebook Stores http://pqne.ws/pXw0IM

July 15 2011

Bordallo Pinheiro lança Zé Povinho que faz “manguito” à Moody’s - Economia - PUBLICO.PT


Shared by zarroba
É desatar tudo a comprar e a mandar para a Moodys e salva-se uma empresa histórica nacional em dificuldades.. para além de poder aumentar as exportações para Irlanda, Grécia, Espanha e Itália.. acho que a mensagem é universal..
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